Why psychotherapy

Why psychotherapy? You may be wondering. Well, there are many good reasons why you might want to talk with a psychologist or social worker. People typically seek out therapy because they would like to talk with someone who is unbiased and impartial; someone who is not going to judge them. Deciding to go to therapy does not mean that you are "crazy", quite the opposite, it means that you are acknowledging the challenges in your life rather than allowing them to firther interfear with your happiness. It takes courage to take that first step and decide to talk to a therapist, but the rewards are usually well worth the risk. Psychotherapy represents a broad range of techniques used by psychologists and social workers to encourage the communication of conflicts and promote insight into problems. The general goal of psychotherapy is to promote relief of symptoms, or changes in behavior leading to improved functioning and personal growth.

Common issues we address in therapy

Anxiety            Anger Management            Sexuality issues
Phobias            ADD/ADHD coaching            Family difficulties
Depression            Bereavement            Relationship issues
Conduct Disorders            Trauma            Transitional issues such as divorce
Mood Disorders             Parenting            retirement and loss of work
Personality Disorders            Post Traumatic Stress Disorder            Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Although medication is not an option for everyone, for some conditions, therapy along with medication is a treatment combination that works best. For people who benefit from medication, we work with your primary care physicians, pediatrician and psychiatrist in order to assist in overall treatment.

Broad Experience...Narrow Focus

Arch Group is an independent group practice of broadly experienced and caring clinicians whose focus is your personal growth. We understand that making the first call to speak with someone about therapy can be a threatening experience. We are here to answer your questions and learn about your needs in order to match you with the clinician who can best help you achieve your goals. Call today and speak with our clinical director Dr. Almeida at (845) 494-6022

We Offer

  • .Multiple Office Locations
  • .Weekday and Weekend appointments
  • .Appointments within 24 hours
  • .Assistance in determining covered benefits
  • .Direct billing to select insurance carriers
  • .Complimentary telephone intake with the
        Clinical Director