When a couple gets married, many individuals make the assumption that they know the person they married. Developmentally people do not stop growing and changing because they chose to marry. Like families, couples experience constant change in their relationship. People engaged in healthy relationships are encouraged to grow as individuals and accepted for who they are. At times couples find themselves challenged by life circumstances or the simple reluctance to accept the growth and development in one another. Therapy helps couples understand their relationship history and allows them to better define and take control over how their relationship with progress.

Couples therapy has a very different feel than individual therapy most obviously contributed to the fact that there are two people present who bring shared experiences to the process. Couples therapy can feel frustrating and overwhelming at times and thus it often requires more structure and goal setting than individual therapy. In the initial phase of couple's therapy, you will communicate your individual needs and develop goals for your relationship. Generally speaking, couples therapy is often a means of improving communication and bringing recognition to maladaptive patterns of interactions. A common goal in this type of work is to foster opportunities for more positive and productive interactions among the individuals.

Common issues we address in therapy with families

General couples or marriage counseling
Life transitional issues including retirement, job loss, divorce and adoption
Infertility Challenges
Managing the challenges of infidelity

Broad Experience...Narrow Focus

Arch Group is an independent group practice of broadly experienced and caring clinicians whose focus is your personal growth. We understand that making the first call to speak with someone about therapy can be a threatening experience. We are here to answer your questions and learn about your needs in order to match you with the clinician who can best help you achieve your goals. Call today and speak with our clinical director Dr. Almeida at (845) 494-6022

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